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 MJM's Halloween Special

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PostSubject: MJM's Halloween Special   Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:09 pm

So it's the night before Halloween, A.K.A. Mischief Night, and I've been up to some mischief of my own... Heheheh, I present to you, THE HALLOWEEN THEME!

This little guy can "make clones" of himself while sporting his inner-demon as a costume. With his 1/0 5/0 stats he's a problem and then some.

On Turn 2 we have a terrifying Shikamaru. With a Hand Cost he's pretty hard to play but make the theme Earth and you're on your way! Starting Mental Power Battles all day long, his second effect couldn't get more wrong!

Turn 3 roles around and we have a nurse Sakura. Heal a Ninja thats Injured, that's great for ya'. Plus a boost and Mission protection is great!

Turn 4 ends the theme but we have a centerpiece, Mr. Sasuke Uchiha. His Ambush + Growth makes versatile and his effects wrap the whole theme together.

If you need a bit more Halloween fun, check out little guy!

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Ninja Academy Student
Ninja Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: MJM's Halloween Special   Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:03 pm

Cool theme, MJM. Not sure if Shikamaru should of been a super, but his effect is pretty good with the whole theme. In total you can get a MP: 9 with the Halloween cards. With all of the cards in play, you'll have 4 OC Ninjas out, which is pretty crazy. Hehe Also, I think it's funny that Naruto and Sakura's second effects, the pump part, is basically their Reliance versions lol. I love the cards though, nice work. Smile
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MJM's Halloween Special
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