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 Been Away and Can't Reply to Things?

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PostSubject: Been Away and Can't Reply to Things?   Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:32 pm

Hi all,

So, I've poked around here a bit more than some, at least for a while there, but now, when I go to topics, there does NOT appear a button to make a new post. I'm actually doing this topic because it is the only way I can post anything here, even on my own cards thread. Anyone know of a potential reason? I can do this, so I doubt it's "that guy can't post here, anymore!", but I couldn't add new cards to my thread, or post on the most recent other topic, either. This makes me sad. ;_(

As for new cards, I haven't been too into it, as of late, but I'd like to get back to it, some. Maybe when the new manga comes out, if Bolt and them get their own story, they'll make another CCG to follow those exploits, with the excuse to "start low" again, and avoid some power creep, for a time. Here's hoping!!!
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Been Away and Can't Reply to Things?
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