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 Last Card of 2014?

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PostSubject: Last Card of 2014?   Sat Dec 27, 2014 2:42 pm

Well, the year is just about over. Now that we have a good idea how the manga ends, I decided to make this to celebrate both it's end, and the holiday season. This will probably be my last card for the year, especially with my slow rate of making things now, but if it's the last one for a while, then I suppose it might as well be Naruto.

This Naruto is not amazing, I'm afraid, but I rather like him. It's become steadily more difficult to find unusual numbers for their stats, and make them look good on the target templates, as they use different scale on a few things, and there weren't cards with every possible outcome. If you thus notice that the numbers look a bit dumb, that's why. Otherwise, it's typical. Naruto can do most anything that a Naruto can, covering both sage stuff and tailed beast tricks. He also has Tree, from his left arm, and that gives him Mokuton (not totally official, but likely; everyone else with a Hashirama arm gets some). His stats are not epic, but the sheer range of his jutsu options should be able to cover it, while still allowing him to see Turn 6 play, and sometimes, one just doesn't want to make a 10/6 Oil/Tree 15/9 cheese hat. Like the other Kages near the end of the run, I decided to give him three elements, with Lightning (because yeah), Wind (his "real" element), and Earth (his Tree trickery) being chosen.

In my fanfic, this is the Naruto I use, too, though I am keeping my "his kid", and ignoring Bolt and Himawari, since I like my story more. In that case, I have figured out a few "new" jutsu for him, making use of his Tree attribute. I'll see if I care enough to make cards of any, next year. I might make an "amped up" version, in the form of a Reinforcement, and that could have a more ridiculous stat line; I argue Reinforcements, by virtue of their expense, can be a bit more BA, for their turn count.
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Last Card of 2014?
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