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 A Request For Assistance

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PostSubject: A Request For Assistance   Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:01 pm

Hi all. I have a little problem, or maybe it's problems, I'm not sure, and I need a little help trying to fix it. I was wondering if anyone might be willing and able to assist me in coming up with an effect for a card I want to make, in the form of 1 Himeru? I come to learn that after making so many of these, finding a new effect for an OC that is original, GOOD, and not already slapped on a card, or five, is a bit tricky now. I have a couple ideas, but I don't know if they are any good, and was wondering if anyone might like to rate them, or maybe come up with something better? I want an effect that would be great for a Puppet Master of Himeru's caliber.

Examples are: #1, #2, #3, and #4. This can give an idea of effects I've already used.

As the cards here show, your average Himeru breaks down like this:

Himeru Nara E, Wi EC3 HC0
Leaf | Chunin | Female | Mental Power: 4 | Puppet Master | Satetsu | CHAKRA AFFINITY

Primary Effect (What needs to be filled, in this case)

Valid: All "Puppet" Ninjas in this Ninja's Team get the "Shadow" Combat Attribute.


Satetsu is for Iron Sand Jutsus I make, since she has the 3rd KK's kekkei genkai, to a lesser degree than his, and Chakra Affinity is my home-brewed Characteristic you can read about on the Fan-Made Card Rules thread. Every Himeru I make has the second effect, as it's sort of one of her specialties.

Here's what I've got in mind:

Effectively, it sort of like how Sakura has Puppet for when Chiyo manipulates her.

This one is being pulled to safety by a chakra thread. The wordage isn't great, but I don't know how one would do the new effect format if it depends on your opponent triggering it.

Similar to halting Hiruko's tail, you force their jutsu to backfire. It isn't just a big Ninja kill, letting you push aside that colossus head ninja of their team, but if he/she stops to try something, they can be ditched for that turn, and the jutsu should backfire.

Yep, this is the option where someone might post their own ideas, and let me know if all of the above sorta suck. Come up with something that works with Puppets, Shadow, her high sex appeal vs Males, or something completely different, so long as it fits well with the stuff already here.

Anyone who wishes to help, the assistance is greatly appreciated.
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A Request For Assistance
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