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 Official Card Making Judging Rubric

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PostSubject: Official Card Making Judging Rubric    Sun May 15, 2011 9:06 pm

Quote :
This Judging Rubric has been created by the collaborative efforts of the best of the best. We here at "Make your own cards. Preferably Images" strongly recommended this rubric be used for any and all Judging needs. Thank you.

Layout: (5 points) How everything is set up on the card, do things line up, its the text right etc.
Grammar: (5 points) Pretty basic, is everything worded properly, is spelling an issue?
Art: (5 points) Quality, render job, clarity, etc.
Playability: (5 points) Is the card good, to good, bad? Stuff like that.
Creativity: (5 points) Is it your own effect? Does it seem fitting?

In Depth
-.25 point for lack of flavor text
-.5 points for inappropriate flavor text
-.5 points for incorrect characteristic order
-.75 point for misplaced symbols/text/numbers
-1 point for incorrect font
-1 point for flavor text lacking drop shadow
-1 point for incorrectly colored text

-.25 points for each misspelled word
-.25 points if there is a word missing
-.25 points for each punctuation error
-.25 points for each capitalization error
-.5 points for each incorrect wording
-1 point for non-capitalized mechanical characteristics

-.25 points for a bland/boring picture
-.25 points if the creator of the art is not properly credited
-.5 points if the picture is overused
-.5 for lack of drop shadow
-.5 if outer glow isn’t used (where applicable)
-1 points if the picture if completely irrelevant to the card
-1 point if the picture is blurry/pixilated/non-anime/deformed/over sized/etc.

-.5 point if better cards that fill the same role in the theme exist
-.5 points if the card is difficult to use
-1 point if the card is very difficult to use
-1 point if the card only helps when winning
-2 points if the card is too situational
-X points if the card is too overpowered
-X points if the card is too weak

-.5 points if the effect does not help a theme/element or helps the wrong theme i.e. Wind mill card
-.5 points if the effect is too strong/not strong enough for its rarity
-1 point if the effect does not fit the flavor of the card
-1 point if the effect is bland/generic
-2 points if the cards effect is blatantly copied without just cause

X = any number the Judge seems appropriate.
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Official Card Making Judging Rubric
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