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 Dragon Age 3??

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PostSubject: Dragon Age 3??   Wed May 11, 2011 4:03 am

ok so i have dragon age origins, and beat it 3 times(1 elf rouge, human warrior, and human mage) played all the dlc, and beat dragon age awakening twice. i just finished my third playthrough on dragon age 3, and now im bored, so i wanted to see what people thought the 3rd one would be about. of course we know, if you played dragon age 2, that the ending left too much open for there not to be a third one, and knowing biowares track record *cough* mass effect, there will at least be three games.

so in case you didnt know, da 2 ended with you starting a war between the templar and mages, and revolts in the circles of magi. then the hero of fereldan(DA:O warden) and the champion of Kirkwall(Hawke) both vanishing.
so the way i was thinking, was continuing on with the civil war between the templars and mages, and introduce more with tevinter(being almost all mages), and the increased sparks with the quanari. also flemeth will stage an attack on the world, and all out war will start with orlais getting involved.

so with all this i feel, that you should be able to import both DA:O and DA 2 characters, and have both the warden and Hawke be playable, as main characters that can be transfered back and forth like a companion, but you must play as 1 at all times. also all companions that survived should return, as recruitable companions. additionally you should be able to create a new character that is one of a few options, either a tevinter magistrate, an orlisian seeker, or warden, or a new champion for ferelden. with a new character, some of the previous companions should be unlockable but not all, of course there will be new companions.

the final aspect should be that you must choose a side, as a magistrate, orlisan, or fereldan champion, your choices are black and white, either mages or templars. as the champion or warden, you can choose between the mages or templars, or remain neutral, looking out for those in the middle. also you may choose to side with flemeth or the quanari.

similar to mass effect 3 you will have to recruit whole civilization to help you fight in the final conflict, whatever that may be, perhaps an ancient dragon that arises, with an army of demons and darkspawn, that force the mages and templars to team together along with the quanari and flemeth to defeat it.
what do you guys think, is this a good idea, either way post what you think dragon age 3 should be about and how it should play.
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Dragon Age 3??
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