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 Shadows of War: Pain Theme #3

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Susano'o the Storm God

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PostSubject: Shadows of War: Pain Theme #3   Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:36 am

Here is the final Pain theme of my fan-made set. The next preview will be Uzumaki Theme. Stay tuned!

Some of you may be wondering after viewing Shinra Tensei (err, Almighty Push), what is an alternate cost? Basically, instead of paying the actual jutsu cost, you can pay the alternate cost. Additionally, for God Realm's effect, instead of having to pay chakra, you remove cards from your deck. The reason for this is because he was shown to capable of using jutsu with near limitless amount of chakra. To reflect that, I gave God Realm a different type of cost which can be used much more often, assuming you haven't draw a lot + given up a lot of brs >_>
Below are links to previous Pain previews
As you guys may have already figured out, the Pain them in this set revolves around combination effects and searching each other out. I have tested a build of this deck, and it works great. It starts off slow, but as the turns progress, the deck picks up speed and begins to bring havoc on your opponent. Essentially, this deck's style is very similar to TA.
btw, Demon Realm was rendered by Undeadflayme.
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Shadows of War: Pain Theme #3
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