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 lacks and advantages of naruto ccg

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PostSubject: lacks and advantages of naruto ccg   Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:34 am

i caught myself i didn't played naruto ccg more than month. i was thinking of it, and i found answer to myself.

only reason why i started with naruto ccg is because i am huge fan of naruto saga, and it really was only reason, since i didn't know anything about that game. i started when approaching wind was aired. fortunately, rules were very simple, and i liked idea of 5 different elements which reminded me of mtg, so it was a one more (small) reason why to start with it. so here it is:

1.-i play my favorite anime ccg. i was soooooooo happy.
2.-prices of singles are fine. not to cheap, not to expensive.
3.-one more theme connected with naruto to chat with your friends.
4.-brand new card system, like no one before (as i know).
5.-block format, but it has so many lacks.

and that's all about advantages from my point of view. really nothing more. one thing which is not connected directly with game itself is this website. i enjoy making cards, fixing different themes, and making cards which (imo) should exist. maybe i should note something about meeting new people, and playing with them, but that is a case with any competitive game which gives tournament format. if i come up with something else, i will post it soon.



1.-from the very first start, elements were separated with any specific idea, which is a bit fixed in a shippuden editions.
2.-so few "mission hate" cards in any element, even these days.
3.-negating jutsus for other than fire started in shippuden editions.
4.-game is not play-tested enough before new editions are aired, which causes so many broken combos, and excessive rogue list.
5.-latest editions suffering (imo) some stupid ideas like revealing battle rewards, and working with them, which doesn't have any sense, and background with story.

now when i look back, lacks weight more than advantages. something more about every note:

1. fire was absolutely dominant from the beginning. 8 trigrams, sharingan from "pth" were trump cards, and there is nothing what your opponent could do about them, specialy with "freedori" combo in "r&r" edition. earth and wind were so poor from the start, and they were fixed in later editions to not be that poor. lightning and water were playable, but they couldn't be compared with fire. very very bad...

2. mission hate? disaster... they were so rare to see, like if they were tailed beasts. if i remember, there was hayate geko, and anko which could save you from opponent's missions, and that was fixed in shippuden editions. game just can't afford itself to not have such a rare cure for one type of card. i will take mtg as a reference, where in any type of deck you can get rid of: flying creatures, artifacts, enchantments, land... any theme can do anything, but is still unique by general theme. that is what a game makes a good game.

3. like for the mission hate, it wasn't fair to other elements than fire. it was so many good ideas for the negating jutsu cards using themes like: shadow clone, mind transfer, replacement jutsu, shadow manipulation, maito gai's (taijutsu) tactic against sharingan, sound impacts, oiroke jutsu :p... like i said, i will also take mtg as a reference for this.

4. zomg, this is what makes me mad. if the game is like it is, with (imo) so many lacks, how it can give such broken cards like:
yoroi akado (ut) zomg i hate this retarded card, even i have it x3 - winning card
kankuro (t) so much retarded - winning card
itachi (gig) - if you didn't won before him, now you will for sure.
sasuke (state2 reinforcement) - winning card.
unstable ground (fr mission) - winning card. with no mission hate cards, you can suck.
this is all about not play-testing. it is also about non-balanced themes. no cure for many things...

5. game is going in a wrong way. ok, format thing is good if game is about to survive, but bandai staff seems to know nothing about making quality themed editions. i think they know something about mtg, and yugioh, but not enough. mtg universe is huge, and lot of writers are writing for wizards of the coast, and game itself can afford to make lot of different themes, and those themes are play-tested years before they get aired, and themed editions make sense with themed stories. yugioh doesn't have his own universe, and kazuki takahashi and konami can make whatever they want, and it will still have sense with their themed editions, but working with battle rewards, and **** like that makes me sick. what is a connection with story? and, if you don't play that (imo garbage) theme, you can burn those cards. they are worthless in any other deck... it looks to me like they would like to be like wizards or konami, but with wrong, or no idea how to, which really sucks.


as you see, i am pissed, but i will not quit. i would like to hear what you think of all this.
feel free to discuss.
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lacks and advantages of naruto ccg
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