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 What movie should we play at are halloween dance?

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Ninja Academy Student
Ninja Academy Student

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PostSubject: What movie should we play at are halloween dance?   Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:37 pm

We want the movie to be

~Really Scary (Jump out of your skin bout to cry scary)
~PG 13 (has to be PG13)
~Something that isn't boring
~Possibly old (black and white, doesn't have to be though)

Please find as many movies as you can. If you are able to find a website
that include reviews about the movie too, that would be awesome, but
you don't have to! We don't plan on going to the movies we just want to
like rent a movie and play it at home!

Thanks in advance!

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What movie should we play at are halloween dance?
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