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 Venkelos's Fan-Card Vault

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PostSubject: Venkelos's Fan-Card Vault   Tue Mar 16, 2010 9:37 am

Well, as everyone else seems to be coming back here, I suppose I will post regular things I make, too, in addition to tourney entries. I do agree that, if Bandai isn't going to show images, there is little point in posting them there, so I will do so here, too, so people can see what I have made. If I find the communal "Make Your Own Cards" thread, I might link from here, or just double-post, so people actually know I've done something. Hope some folks like the stuff, and any ideas, friendly criticisms, or requests are welcome. Enjoy!!!

For fun, and my own notes (it can be a chore to try to remember what card set numbers I've used, and who was the last card I made Wink), here is a relatively accurate card list. Maybe someday, they'll link to the images, but it would be an awful lot. There's also a bunch I did prior to Shippuden format, but I am hoping to remake many of them, so they'll get on the list later, as their remade forms.

Ninja Cards
N-sn001 Sasuke Uchiha [CHIDORI NAGASHI]
N-sn002 Sasuke Uchiha [ULTIMATE STATE OF POWER]
N-sn003 Sasuke Uchiha & Manda [FINAL SACRIFICE]
N-sn004 Naruto Uzumaki & Shadow Clone [MULTI-SHADOW CLONE JUTSU]
N-sn006 Naruto Uzumaki [SEXY JUTSU SURPRISE]
N-sn007 ... [TITLE] (hopefully a Mikomi)
N-sn008 Mikomi Haruno [A GIRL AND HER SUMMON]
N-sn009 Hissori Higyou  [ANBU HERITAGE]
N-sn010 ... [TITLE] (hopefully a Munashii)
N-sn011 Anko Mitarashi [PROTECTIVE PROCTOR]
N-sn013 Fukasaku [TOAD ELDER]
N-sn015 Mikomi Haruno [ON THE PATH TO JONIN]
N-sn016 Mikomi Haruno [SURPASSING HER ELDERS]
N-sn018 Mikomi Haruno [A JUTSU FOR EVERY OCCASION]
N-sn019 Naruto Uzumaki (Hermit Mode) [A HERMIT'S POWER]
N-sn020 Orochimaru (Transformed) [THE POWER WITHIN]
N-sn021 The Fourth Hokage [THE BLOND BLUR]
N-sn022 Naruto Uzumaki (Hermit Mode) [A TRUE TOAD SAGE AT LAST]
N-sn023 Naruto Uzumaki (Hermit Mode) & Gamabunta [CALLING THE TOAD COUNCIL]
N-sn026 Naruto Uzumaki (Hermit Mode) & Fukasaku [POWER OF SENJUTSU]
N-sn028 Sasori of the Red Sand [FORBIDDEN ART - HUMAN PUPPETS]
N-sn029 Sasori of the Red Sand & the Third Kazekage [POISON IRON SAND]
N-sn032 Mikomi Haruno & Tsunade [TEACHER AND STUDENT]
N-sn033 Rock Lee [DRIVE TO EXCEL]
N-sn035 Kyotsuki Inuzuka [SHADOW MASTER'S TRACKER]
N-sn036 Ryoushi Houtama [THE SHADOW'S HUNTER]
N-sn037 Hissori Higyou [TAKING PRISONERS]
N-sn038 Munashii Tsuyoi [SHADOWS TWINED AS ONE]
N-sn040 Hinata Hyuga [POWER OF THE HYUGA]
N-sn041 Hinata Hyuga [THE POWER OF FEELINGS]
N-sn043 Ino Yamanaka & Naruto Uzumaki [BLONDE BOMBSHELLS OF KONOHA]
N-sn050 Naruto Uzumaki (Hermit Mode) [INTERCEPTOR]
N-sn055 Gaara of the Desert [THE VALUE OF FRIENDS]
N-sn056 Naruto Uzumaki (Hermit Mode) [FROG KATAS]
N-sn058 Sasuke Uchiha [AS THE SEAL TAKES HOLD]
N-sn059 Orochimaru & Manda [SERPENT LORDS]
N-sn060 Ino Yamanaka [SOUL POSSESSION JUTSU]
N-sn061 Shikamaru Nara [PUTTING FORTH THE EFFORT]
N-sn062 Kakashi Hatake [THE ENDING MUST NOT BE RUINED]
N-sn063 Mikomi Haruno [WISHING TO BE ORDINARY]
N-sn065 Sakura Haruno [IN SAFE HANDS]
N-sn070 Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed-Beast Mode) [FOUR TAILED MANIFESTATION]
N-sn071 Orochimaru [SUMMONING SEAL TATTOO]
N-sn072 Sasuke Uchiha [CHIDORI NAGASHI]
N-sn073 Shikamaru Nara [A MOMENTO FROM HIS SENSEI]
N-sn077 Suigetsu [THE OGRE'S SUCCESSOR]
N-sn078 Karin [LOVE NIP]
N-sn079 Kakashi Hatake [MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN]
N-sn080 Tobi [THE PAST IS NOW]
N-sn081 Sasuke Uchiha [THE DREAM IS REALIZED]
N-sn082 Jiraiya (Hermit Mode) [THE TRUE TOAD SAGE REVEALED] (v2)
N-sn083 Killer Bee (Tailed Beast Mode) [ONE WITH HIS BEAST]
N-sn084 Naruto Uzumaki (Hermit Mode) [ENHANCED POWERS OF THE TOAD SAGES]
N-sn085 Jiraiya (Hermit Mode) [ENDLESS POWER OF SENJUTSU]
N-sn087 Pain (Neraka Path) [SIX PATHS OF PAIN]
N-sn088 Pain (Animal Path) [SIX PATHS OF PAIN]
N-sn089 Pain (Human Path) [SIX PATHS OF PAIN] (WoP)
N-sn090 Pain (Preta Path) [SIX PATHS OF PAIN] (WoP)
N-sn091 Pain (Asura Path) [SIX PATHS OF PAIN] (WoP)
N-sn092 Pain (Deva Path) [SIX PATHS OF PAIN]
N-sn094 The Sixth Hokage [ASPIRES TO THE SEAT]
N-sn096 Hinata Hyuga [LAST STAND]
N-sn098 Yakumo Kurama [FATAL ILLUSIONS]
N-sn099 Sasori & the 3rd Kazekage [TALENT INSPIRED BY THE SHUKAKU]
N-sn100 Naruto Uzumaki (Tailed Beast Mode) [TAILED BEAST FORM]
N-sn103 Hinata Hyuga [TAKEN TOO FAR]
N-sn104 Naruto uzumaki (Hermit Mode) [ENHANCED JUTSUS]
N-sn105 Sasuke Uchiha (Cursed Seal Form) [GIFT FROM THE ORIGIN]
N-sn108 Mikomi Haruno [MULTIPLE TALENTS]
N-sn117 Shikamaru Nara [ANALYZE AND COUNTER]
N-sn118 Kiba Inuzuka [SYNERGY WITH DOGS]
N-sn120 The Tsuchikage [REDUCE ALL TO DUST]
N-sn121 Naruto Uzumaki & Fukasaku [SAGES ATTACK]
N-sn122 Shissuru Kenami & Melagin [FUSION OF SUMMON AND SUMMONER
N-sn124 Neji Hyuga & Tenten [DEDUCE AND DESTROY]
N-sn125 Naruto Uzumaki & The 4th Hokage [POWER OF A FATHER'S LOVE]
N-sn126 Sasuke Uchiha & Jugo [GIFT FROM THE ORIGIN]
N-sn128 Kankuro & Temari [A DUTY TO PROTECT]
N-sn131 Hinata Hyuga [POWER OF HER CONFESSION]
N-sn133 Mikomi Haruno [A JUTSU FOR EVERY OCCASION] (Revision)
N-sn135 The Sound Four [ELITE TEAM OF THE SOUND]
N-sn136 Kabuto Yakushi (Snake God Mode) [SURPASSING HIS MASTERS]
N-sn139 Naruto Uzumaki & The Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit [UNSEALING THE ULTIMATE POWER]
N-sn142 Kouin Kurama [IF LOOKS COULD KILL]
N-sn143 Pain (Deva Path) [SIX PATHS OF PAIN]
N-sn144 Konan [HERALD OF GOD]
N-sn145 Munashii Tsuyoi [A TOUCH OF OBLIVION]
N-sn146 Kushina Uzumaki [VESSEL OF THE NINE-TAILS]
N-sn147 Tsunade [THE BIGGEST GAMBLE]
N-sn150 Orihime Inoue [DEFYING HEAVEN]
N-sn151 Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode) [TALENTS WITH SENJUTSU]
N-sn152 Naruto Uzumaki & Karin [UNLIKELY ALLY]
N-sn154 Naruto Uzumaki & Gaara of the Desert [POWER OF THE BOND OF FRIENDSHIP]
N-sn155 Chojiro [UNSURE PROTECTOR]
N-sn157 The Fifth Mizukage [IF LOOKS COULD KILL]
N-sn158 Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode) [I WISH...]
N-sn159 Bikochu Beetle [ULTIMATE TRACKING BUG]
N-sn160 Sakura Haruno & Ino Yamanaka [POWER OF FRIENDSHIP]
N-sn161 Naruto Uzumaki [SEVENTH HOKAGE AT LAST]
N-sn162 Sakura Haruno [WOMAN OF STEEL] (Happy Holidays!!!)
N-sn163 Sasuke Uchiha [HIS BROTHER'S EYES]
N-sn164 Madara Uchiha [THE NEXT EVOLUTION]
N-sn167 The 5th Kazekage [BELOVED OF THE SAND]
N-sn168 Kankuro & Sasori [SURPRISE ATTACK DIVISION]
N-sn169 Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga, & Ino Yamanaka [CHRISTMAS KISSING BOOTH]---MERRY CHRISTMAS 2010 EVERYONE!!!
N-sn170 TBA [TBD] Kakashi Hatake & Yamato [TEACHERS OF THE FUTURE]
N-sn171 The 2nd Tsuchikage [SUPREME STEALTH TACTIC]
N-sn172 Naruto Uzumaki & Kakashi Hatake [SHADOW CLONES AND CHAKRA NATURES]
N-sn173 Kurotsuchi [ONOKI'S GRANDDAUGHTER]
N-sn174 Kakashi Hatake [THE COPY NINJA]
N-sn177 Minato Namikaze [FLEE ON SIGHT COMMAND]
N-sn178 Monkey King Enma [IMPENETRABLE BARRIER]
N-sn179 Naruto Uzumaki & Sara of Roran [QUEEN'S PROTECTOR]
N-sn180 One Hundred Human Puppets [SECRET RED TECHNIQUE]
N-sn181 Sasori & The 3rd Kazekage [CRUSHING IRON CURTAIN]
N-sn182 Sakura Haruno & Sai [TEAM YAMATO]
N-sn183 Danzo Shimura (Izanagi Mode) [THE FORBIDDEN DOJUTSU]
N-sn184 Sasuke Uchiha [OPENING HIS EYES]
N-sn185 Ino Yamanaka [MEDIVAC TEAM]
N-sn188 The 3rd Tsuchikage [LIGHT ON HIS FEET]
N-sn189 The 5th Mizukage [TITLE]
N-sn191 Danzo Shimura (Izanagi Mode) [POWER OF IZANAGI]
N-sn192 Obito Uchiha [MYSTERY MAN REVEALED]
N-sn193 Sakura Haruno (Anbu Days) [THE RED ANBU]
N-sn194 Hinata Hyuga [A HEARTFELT VALENTINE]
N-sn195 Sakura Haruno [A LAST FAREWELL]
N-sn196 Sakura Haruno [TSUNADE'S SUCCESSOR]
N-sn197 Naruto Uzumaki & Hinata Hyuga [HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2013]
N-sn198 Name [TITLE]
N-sn199 Name [TITLE]
(200's cards will likely comprise What If..., unless I eventually get there, in progression. Mostly they have grown into the cards I made for my Kekkei Genkai Craze original characters)
N-sn200 Myouhime Uzumaki [WHAT IF...]
N-sn201 Shissuru Kenami [WHAT IF...]
N-sn202 Nagato [WHAT IF...]
N-sn203 Myouhume Uzumaki [TBD]
N-sn204 Shissuru Kenami [SHUNSHIN NO SURU]
N-sn205 Myouhume Uzumaki [FOX FRAGMENT]
N-sn206 Shissuru Kenami [TAINT OF THE PAST]
N-sn207 Myouhume Uzumaki [A BLOSSOMING LOVE]
N-sn208 Shissuru Kenami [A BLOSSOMING LOVE]
N-sn209 TBD
N-sn210 Naruto Uzumaki [SEVENTH HOKAGE]
N-sn212 Myouhime Uzumaki [VERSATILE POWERS]
N-sn213 Shissuru Kenami & Myouhime Uzumaki [REUNITED AT LAST]
N-sn214 Myouhime Uzumaki [COMBINED TECHNIQUES]
N-sn215 Himeru Nara [A TRUE IRON MAIDEN]
N-sn216 Enkotsu Sawagu [TO TAME THE SAVAGE BEAST]
N-sn217 Himeru Nara [ATTRACTIVE?]
N-sn219 Shissuru Kenami [PURPOSEFUL GAZE]
N-sn220 Myouhime Uzumaki [CHAKRA BLOCK] (art provided by Lovely Ino)
N-sn221 Himeru Nara [HARD STEEL TACTICS]
N-sn222 Retsu Shimekiri [FROZEN IN THEIR TRACKS]
N-sn223 Himeru Nara [POWER TO THE PUPPETS]
N-sn224 Ino Yamanaka/Ino Akimichi [MIND GAMES]
N-sn225 Myouhime Uzumaki [RASENGAN TARGET PRACTICE]
N-sn226 TBA [TBD]
N-sn227 TBA [TBD]
N-sn228 TBA [TBD]
N-sn229 TBA [TBD]
N-sn230 Shissuru Kenami [NO SECOND CHANCES]
N-sn231 Myouhime Uzumaki [TBD]
N-sn232 Souon Sawagu [TBD]
N-sn233 Yamato [TBD]
N-sn234 Himeru Nara [TBD]
N-sn235 Enkotsu Sawagu [TBD]
N-sn236 Tasu Tereyu [TBD]
N-sn237 Retsu Shimekiri [TBD]
N-sn238 Shissuru Kenami [SEE IT A SECOND TIME] or [WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN]
N-sn239 Shissuru Kenami [LIMITING OPTIONS]
N-sn240 Myouhime Uzumaki [SAW THAT COMING]
N-sn241 Hinata Uzumaki [HEALING TOUCH OF THE HYUGA] ***First Card of 2011***
N-sn242 Kiraga Aburame [DAZZLING DISPLAY] ***First New Character of 2011***
N-sn244 Shikamaru Nara [TACTICAL PINCER MOVEMENT] (Version 2)
N-sn245 Himeru Nara [SHADOW PUPPETS]
N-sn247 Sakura Haruno [MOBILE MEDICAL UNIT]
N-sn248 Myouhime Uzumaki [GENTLE FIST BARRAGE]
N-sn251 Kouin Kurama [FANTASY MADE REAL]
N-sn252 Name [TITLE]
N-sn253 Name [TITLE]
N-sn254 Name [TITLE]
N-sn255 Himeru Nara [TACTICAL PUPPETRY]
N-sn256 Myouhime Uzumaki [GIVE AND TAKE]
N-sn257 Manako Inuzuka [SEARCH AND RETRIEVE]
N-sn258 Myouhime Uzumaki (Childhood) [INHERITANCE OF THE NINE-TAILS]
N-sn259 Shiromaru [A PRESENT FOR YOU]
N-sn300 Name [TITLE]
N-sn301 Sakura Uzumaki [ALTERED DESTINY]
N-sn999 Naruto Uzumaki (Hermit Mode) [UNITING THE TWO PATHS]
N-sn027v2 Mikomi Uchiha (Childhood) [HAD THINGS BEEN DIFFERENT]
N-sn088v2 Pain (Animal Path) [SIX PATHS OF PAIN]

Jutsu Cards
J-sj001 Flying Thunder God Technique
J-sj002 Summon Battle Formation
J-sj010 Izanagi
J-sj011 Shisui Uchiha's Dojutsu
J-sj012 Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
J-sj013 Rasenshuriken
J-sj014 Living Corpse Reincarnation
J-sj015 Weapon Summoning Scroll
J-sj016 Search and Retrieve
J-sj017 Shinra Tensei
J-sj018 Shinra Tensei
J-sj019 Chibaku Tensei
J-sj020 Izanagi: Surprise Attack
J-sj021 Tailed Beast ball
J-sj022 Giving In
J-sj023 Sharingan Eye
J-sj024 Sharingan Eye
J-sj025 Kotoamatsukami
J-sj026 Kamui
J-sj027 Hitting the Books

Mission Cards
M-sm001 Secret Toad Oil
M-sm005 Last Minute Rescue
M-sm006 A Well Thought Out Plan
M-sm020 Unsealing the Power
M-sm021 Summoning: Impure World Resurrection
M-sm022 Myriad Abilities
M-sm023 Madara's Lab
M-sm024 Final Catastrophe
M-sm025 Legacy of the Past

Client Cards
C-sc001 Nagato

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PostSubject: Re: Venkelos's Fan-Card Vault   Tue Mar 16, 2010 9:41 am

Cant wait to see thim
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PostSubject: Re: Venkelos's Fan-Card Vault   Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:31 am

Well, here we go with the first one, and it's a double-entry, too. Now, some folks will say "hey, we already saw those", and while that might be true, the real reason that they are going here, besides so people can look at them, is because this post will probably work like on of Mendokuse's beginning tourney posts; it'll get updated. As I invent new cheese, likely new Attributes, I will post them here, as a reference. The first will have images, to serve as examples.

All right, onto the cards:

Okay, these two ladies represent the first of my one-and-a-half/two new Attributes; Dual Affinity and Tri-Affinity. Otherwise, the breakdown is as follows:

Card #1
In the fiction, Myouhime has adapted both of her parents' techniques to her particular style, which culminates in her Shadow Army Rasengan and Shadow Army Juken Barrage, and it can get a number of different jutsus that work nicely, and pay for them with flexible chakra. Otherwise, it has a decent array of attributes, but nothing ridiculously powerful.

Card #2
As for Mei Terumi, well, first she has three elements because of her two kekkei genkai, and a different variant of my dual affinity attribute, using three elements, this time, instead of two. This is mostly to reflect that I am not sure what elements I would make her cheese; Lava would be Fire and Earth, Acid would be Fire and Water, and while she's the Mizukage, Fire is her primary element (I almost chose that background, but her village of origin talked me into this one, with Fire on the card, too. If she was with Chojuro and Ao (Water and either Earth (Byakugan) or Earth/Water), her element set works nice, and her affinities don't limit her to one deck type. She also has Mastery, but if you are already paying one extra to use Dual Affinity, Mastery might get a bit expensive, so you might have to choose.

As for her stats, yeah, they are a bit much, but I figure a Kage should be Pw5 (except for my Tsuchikage, who I made Pw4, to reflect his age), but she catches me as a bit more of a Support Ninja, so her Su5 makes her equally good at it; Water has never hurt for ridiculous amounts of Su high Ninjas, and Earth is good for it, too, but the Fire, not quite so much, so I kinda like that. Her injured stats are nothing awesome, but good for her Rank, and they still allow her to choose between pwning or assist-pwning.

Her effects are that, if you are playing Fire, or happen to have some on hand, you can pay for her, and then they come back, but if you are playing Water, as I sort of suspect, you don't get your card back. The other one is her alluring, yet terrifying smile. It inspires the enemy to play more female ninjas, maybe, something that I find a bit lacking, around where I am. It also keeps many of the male Ninjas on an equal footing with her, while making them maybe have to consider boosting jutsus, and I plan on her having an acid jutsu that is a negater (if there was a good, color image), like Sharingan Eye, since her Acid Release can eat through Susanoo. Again, yeah she is overpowered some, but I was bored, and I liked it. It isn't as good as the set of her and her bodyguards, some pages back, but I think it is cool, nonetheless.

As a sidenote, has anyone else noticed that the way they say Fifth Kage is "Godaime Kage", and that with Tsunade and Mei being the primary examples of Fifth Kages, and being hot, it sounds very similar to "God Damn Kage!", which is what the people would be saying, if they didn't value living.

Now, onto new rules:

Dual Affinity: [New Rule] When this Ninja becomes the user of a Jutsu card that shares a Symbol(s) with it, you may pay the cost of that Jutsu card with any combination of this Ninja's Symbol(s). Using this effect adds 1 to the Jutsu cost.

So, if you have a Lightning/Earth Ninja who has Dual Affinity characteristic, and they use a Jutsu card that is, say, Earth, and costs Earth | Earth, that Ninja would be able to pay for that Jutsu card with the following:

Earth | Earth
Lightning | Lightning | Any
Lightning | Earth | Any

Fluff: Okay this rule is made to reflect the versatility some Ninjas possess. Over time, some characters evolve, and pick up new abilities, while some others get changed as time goes by, just because. Rather than have to say a later version of a Ninja must now change their style of use, this attribute allows you to let them be used for both. For example:

Sasuke Uchiha has gone through several changes throughout the manga, and the CCG. He began as an average to good low-ender, with an array of abilities that were okay. He had several Chidoris, some of which were even good, and Sharingan, which he could bring to bear much sooner than either Itachi or Kakashi. Later, as we all know, he sided with Rochie, which, in this game, automatically requires that his element become Water, rather than Fire, and meaning he is going to see play in Water decks. However, this change deprived him of Sharingans and Chidoris, unless he is your stray Water Ninja, in a deck of Fire. Rather than quibble about this (unnecessary?) change, or wait for them to make new versions of these jutsus for him, I made this attribute, which would allow you to have several Sharingan-flavored cards, and some straight-out Chidoris, but without choking the Water deck with Fire cards you need for chakra fuel. A Sasuke card with this attribute, and Fire and Water symbols, could use Water chakra to pay for Sharingan, and negate jutsus, but pay for the versatility with an extra point of cost. Of course, he could also see play in a Fire deck, and use Fire chakra to cover Snake Sword.

Of course, I didn't do it for Sasuke, although he is my biggest real-game gripe, but for my cheese ball characters, who fall into a similar pain. One can use Sharingans, but I have other stuff for him, that isn't Fire, and forcing it would not be fun. The other has many Lightning abilities, including Rasengan and Shadow Clones, but can also use Byakugan-flavored stuff. Having to choose between which ones to use, because of the rest of the deck's element, irritates me, so I made this for them. That way, Mikomi can use Mitotic Regenration AND Sharingan, or Myouhime can use Byakugan AND Rasenagn, while Suru can use Sharingan AND Storm Releases (which need to get made, but would obviously be Lightning).

It's a little cheesy, but it shouldn't be too broken.

Tri-Affinity: [New Rule] When this Ninja becomes the user of a Jutsu card that shares a Symbol(s) with it, you may pay the cost of that Jutsu card with any combination of this Ninja's Symbol(s). Using this effect adds 1 to the Jutsu cost.

It works the same as Dual Affinity, but you get another option to cheese it up with.
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PostSubject: Re: Venkelos's Fan-Card Vault   Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:10 pm

Nice to see you've come back.
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PostSubject: Re: Venkelos's Fan-Card Vault   Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:20 am

Well, boredom compelled me to make a new character for my fanfic, Naruto Future: Kekkei Genkai Craze.

She's got some decent traits, with Chunin (so many Ninjas have no rank, and it pisses me off!), Puppet Master, though I don't know if anything actually uses that, yet, excessive Mental Power (with two smart parents, it helps), and two decent C. Attributes. The image is so-so, but I was working with limited stuff, and remade the outfit. She looks a bit skanky, I know, but it helps deceive the enemy, and her Iron Maiden puppets protect her from most harm, but they also made getting to anything she is carrying tricky, so she doesn't carry much.

Her name means "to hide" in Japanese, which is a fitting name, as her
combat style involves hiding inside a suit of armor, which is, in fact,
two of her puppets (focused almost entirely on super-defense). Much like Sasori, she understands that being a puppeteer leaves one vulnerable, so she has two puppets that seal together, forming an iron maiden, but in which she is safe. She hides this fact by having them jutsued to look like her, so that her beauty is not concealed from her opponents, which she also uses to her advantage. She otherwise uses several puppets given to her by her uncle, Kankuro.

Himeru is Myouhime's best friend, and possibly the most beautiful girl in the Leaf Village, though she doesn't let that go to her head. She is painfully happy, a fearless flirt, and willing to use any of her advantages to get what she wants; she's just smart enough to know what that is, and should not be. Her attire screams badgirl, but she's actually pretty innocent; her appearance just helps gauge some of the people she encounters. People who act choked up, rather than excited, are the kind of people she prefers to associate with. She hopes to find someone like Suru, since Myouhime is so happy, though neither the Leaf nor the Sand Village seem to have what she is looking for. Her parents are Shikamaru Nara and Temari.

Her other important trick is that she has learned to pass her shadow threads down her chakra lines, extending her shadow power's range out to that of her puppets. They have hollow spaces, filled with darkness, that can extend her shadow range.

So, to break the card down, she is a bit Shikamaru, and a bit Kankuro. I made her Earth because many of the things SHE would use are Earth (Mental Power jutsus, Shadow jutsus), while most of the Wind stuff would be for her puppets. Some of the puppet stuff hints that Wind and Earth might, conceivably, work well together, so here's hoping. To give the shadow jutsus maximum spread of users, her puppets can also use them, or at least some of them (they still have no rank), and this helps interfere with jutsu user blockers, and such. She isn't very tough, but there is an upcoming Mission that will make her considerably more beefy (4/3 3/3, downgrade damage by 1, permanent), to represent her Iron Maiden puppets. As might be guessed, her Iron Maidens are kept on the scroll behind her, while her combat puppets are on her arms' scrolls. She was going to maybe have Dual Affinity, like most of the others, but I decided against it, for now.

At some point, I hope to make some cards for her puppets, once I find them in my mind, and then good art. I know one is a clown-like one, mostly designed to sow confusion, and convice the enemy that she is silly, rather than a hardened fighter, but the gag is often revealed when it shoots acid out of its mouth, or when it strikes with the capacitor prods on its hands, delivering debilitating shocks. Two others, her "signature" puppets, will be the ones that combine together, and hide her in a powerful shell of defense, though they, too, are armed with weapons aplenty. I don't know what else her puppet hoarde might contain, yet.

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PostSubject: Re: Venkelos's Fan-Card Vault   Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:03 pm

I've got to commend you for using cards as a medium for your OC's. it's a great idea, and I think you've pulled it off well. I get the impression that you put a lot of love into your cards, and I really enjoy looking at them. Thank you for sharing!
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PostSubject: Re: Venkelos's Fan-Card Vault   Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:06 am

Thank you. Sometimes, it's equal parts rancor, sadly, as the program I use can be, hmm...bitchy at times. It seems to have a bizarre lunch break schedule, and doesn't hesitate to go on strike, even if it just did for the same reason, and I fixed it. This card proved to be a pain to make, in several ways, due in no small part to PhotoDraw's mood swings.

I am glad to see people like my OC character cards. Sadly, they tend to suffer from "broken-off-their-ass" syndrome, sometimes, with borrowing from their varied parents, and later cheese my stories add to that. Maybe I'll move a few of the others I have made from Facebook, so people can see them.

Anyway, keep looking, as I am sure more images will come soon.
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Yeah, it didn't take long for me to cave. Okay, these aren't anything I made recently, and many of them could be improved (I like to think I have gotten better over the two years + at this, but these are some of my favorites, and a representation of each OC I have made a card of.

Now again, some of the cards in the next fourish posts suck, and I just didn't feel like going back, and redoing them; it's time-consuming, and doesn't have the same satisfying feel for me, twice.

Naruto Future: Team Kakashi Neogen

Okay, here we have the main protagonists of the series. As you may no doubt notice, many of them suffer from "I know who that is" syndrome; I'm not an amazing artist, so the Internet is often called upon to help me. Many of these characters have considerable depth, and I don't feel like writing it all down, again, so if you are interested, feel free to go to my DeviantART page to read more, probably more than you could ever care about.

Mikomi: child of Sasuke and Sakura (don't ask, please?) Has the Sharingan, a special, inherited Curse Mark, can summon a couatl, Shirohane, and Snakes (usually Raku, a Bolt-Cobra). Trained with Tsunade, and knows ALL of her abilities (hence, the hard to see black diamond, and her impressive stats). In my fiction, she has yet to make a lasting relationship, but Satoru is likely the direction. She is best friends with Hissori and Munashii, and they are the original team Kakashi starts with.
Hissori: girl from the Leaf Village, daughter of an ANBU. Learned some of their secrets. Skilled with a sword. While she is NOT an ANBU, she wears their gear, and it scares the crap out of many threats. Her mask has polarized lenses, so she is immune to Sharingan brainjacking, while wearing it. She loves Munashii, to the extent that she will peer into his mind, and share all of his thoughts with the ANBU Black Ops daily, in order that he can stay in the Village. She is sort of the vanilla of the group.
Munashii: an orphan left to be found by Hissori's father, and raised in the Leaf Village. As a Tsuyoi, his family is the origin of Shadow Manipulation arts, though his are more physical in nature. He eventually gets cursed with possession by Ahriman, a creature similar to a Tailed Beast, made of Void and shadows. For much of the time, he is hated by the Village, over an accident that occurred during his possession. Only Mikomi and Hissori would go near him, and he was locked in an intangible, shadow form. Since then, he an Hissori have hooked up (there have been pitfalls, however), they discovered that their primary enemy, the Shadow Master, is Munashii's father, and Munashii's union with Ahriman has grown substantially, giving him access to some of the greatest, and most terrible powers ever seen.
Satoru: son of Neji and Tenten, Satoru joins with Kakashi's team to broaden his education, and to fill in for Munashii, during a span when he is bedridden. He has most of Neji's traits, and is as skilled in weapon combat as his mother. He has also created a technique that lets him fire a chakra blast, though it can damage his hands permanently. He starts as an arrogant jerk, and makes several mistakes around his team, such as calling Munashii "the cursed monster", while Mikomi is standing right behind him (oh, that poor tree).
Kiru: a ninja from the Mist, he possesses the Hyoton, and thus prodigious ice and water skills. His motives, history, and such are a mystery, but his power, and willingness to bring Water skills to the Leaf Village, have gained him access to the team, if only so Kakashi can watch him. He and Satoru have some interesting, if not violent, encounters.
Hanfeiru: I can't find his card at present, but I'll keep looking. He's a half-puppet the party finds; one of Sasori's failed experiments.

Well, that wraps it up for the "good guys". Next up, the enemy!

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Naruto Future: Team Kakashi Neogen

Here are the enemies. This is short, as I don't have many of them made.

The Shadow Master: the villain who, like so many villains, wants power. He put Ahriman inside his son, Munashii, to grow its power, and he also desires to capture Mikomi's Sharingan, as she is the last blooded bearer on Earth. He possesses many spacial, and shadow-based powers. No card yet.
Kyoutsuki Inuzuka: Kyotsuki is not her given name, but rather the one the Shadow Master
gave her, upon entering his service. She is one of his loyal followers,
a capable warrior, and an excellent tracker ninja. She left the Inuzuka when she was caught experimenting on various animals, to increase their powers. She has various
gifts, both from her training, and from the Shadow Master. They include: After tasting someone's blood, she can track them for a long time, over considerable distance;
Several powerful animal companions. She is telepathic with beasts, and
can talk to and control them, even the animal helpers of her kin
(extends to people with special collars); Can assume animal shapes, and a Crinos war form; She leaves no odor for her kin to track; She can summon several kinds of Summon creatures, including Ninja Dogs and Cats.

might be noticed that she does not have the red Inuzuka marks; the
Shadow Master found them unpleasant, and she got rid of them, somehow.
Her weapon of choice is the battle chain. While her clothes are
revealing, to say the least, the truth of it is to allow for her
shapeshifting powers, as clothing would be wrecked, anyway. (Note, this is NOT the original card I made, but the utfit she was wearing got it kicked from bandai's boards, and I don't want to offend anyone, so I posted the clothed remake.)
Ryoushi Houtoma: while she breaks the rules of the Narutoverse, she is a gun wielder, firing her chakra through it like bullets. She doesn't use many jutsus, and hates them, and most of their users, but she does have the power to use them, and uses her chakra to hone her speed, reflexes, and accuracy, similar to Rock Lee. Her lack of need to make handsigns also makes her dangerous; more than one target has fallen beacuse they were shot dead "wiggling their fingers".
The Society of Light: this mysterious order was tasked with capturing, and forever confining Ahriman, the Arch-Shadow. The Shadow Master's plans ruined this, but they help him test his son's power, eventually planning to reclaim the monster, and lock it up. They possess various holy/light techniques, that can be devastating to those who use shadows.
Village Elder Utsu: Not all of the team's enemies are external threats. A Leaf Village elder, Utsu uses his position, and respect with the villagers, to cause no end of suffering for Munashii, as a result of his son's death (he was one of the ANBU Munashii killed, along with Hissori's father). He has sworn to destroy Munashii, no matter what it takes, and made many underhanded deals to attempt it. While Lady Tsunade, and the rest of the shinobi know this, there are enough people in the Village still scared of Munashii that Utsu cannot be sacked.
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Naruto Future: Kekkei Genkai Craze
This unrelated story focuses on a different motley crew, in this case most of which have a kekkei genkai.

No Souon Yet
No Tasu Yet

Some of the cards are reposts, but I felt like it, while others, well, they're the only ones I've made; finding good pics to make Suru is a pain. The Seventh Hokage, Naruto, is posted above to show how much he's evolved, becoming as powerful as Jiraiya and Minato, as well as being tweaked in a way i liked, but that the manga never did. They might shoehorn it soon, if Naruto and the 9Tails separate, but oh well. The beasts have to get resealed later, probably anyway, and he might volunteer, just to make sure it stays under confinement.

The Good
Shissuru: son of Rosu Uchiha and Karei Kenami, he was born in the Land of Lightning, but sent to the Leaf Villageto learn of his heritage, and get revenge on the man who destroyed his father. He later reveals a curse seal, like Sasuke's, impressive Lightning chakras and skills, sword skill, taijutsu talents gained from training with a Hyuga, and gains a special Summon in Melagin, the Blue Storm Dragon, who gives him dragon blood, purifying his curse seal's taint, a new transformation, and Ranton. He falls in love with Myouhime, but is forced to leave for a time, and, upon his eventual return, they become a couple.

The card shown of him is early, just after passing the Chunin Exams. As I said, finding pics to use for Suru is a pain, especially as I am still slightly undecided of a few bits of his appearance.

Myouhime: daughter of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, and Lady Hinata Hyuga. She combines all the best of both, having Byakugan, Gentle Fist, shadow clones, rasengans and variants, and inventing some taijutsu. She also later learns Dragon Song, as a way to help Suru be a partner to a Dragon Summon, though it can also work in combat. She looks a lot like "Naruko", which actually sort of worries Naruto, so she is forbidden from having ponytails; it's just too disturbing to him.

This card reflects her just prior to Suru's temporary banishment from Konoha.

Souon Sawagu: a member of a Clan raised to be Orochimaru's Chosen, Souon truly is a sound ninja. He bears the Eyes of Oto kekkei genkai, allowing him to "see" through sound, as well as manipulate sound as a powerful weapon, and possess parabolic hearing. Like most Sawagu, his skills are based on an instrument, in his case a guitar he reinforced to be useful in combat. His lightning chakra powers it. He is quiet, moody, and distant, but not so cold as to have no friends. He views his music not as entertainment, but only as his weapon of choice.
(The Sawagu, and their Kekkei Genkai, are an invention of a friend of mine, and an interesting group, overall.)

Souon has proven to be so hard to envision, in my head, that I have yet to make a card. He might look a bit like a punk-rocker Sasuke, but I'm not yet certain.

Yamato: Squad leader for Suru, Myouhime, and Souon. A bit older, a bit wiser, a bit tougher, and that glare has lost none of its potency. He has more or less retired from the Anbu Black Ops, and is rarely involved in missions any tougher than what Chunins go on; of course, his pupils have a tendency to attract the worst kinds of trouble, so he has remained spry.

Enkotsu Sawagu: Enkotsu is Souon's younger sister, and his opposite in many ways. Like several of their generation, she has gravitated away from classical to rock, but she is happy, upbeat, and a bit loud. Where his music would be more like angry heavy metal, hers is more like teen girl rock, with lights, and happiness. She is Himeru's teammate. She likes to use her music to disorient, similar to genjutsus, more than to harm.

So far the only Enkotsu I've got, and I don't have much for plans to make another.

Himeru: Himeru is already described above, so I'll just paraphrase. She's Shikamaru and Temari's daughter, uses a combination of puppetry and shadow manipulation, and is a veritable genius. I did update her outfit, so it doesn't look like one of those dress-up simulators made in Paint. No one knows why she resembles another girl a bit more than Temari, or where the reddish hair, and purple eyes come from (they might become a Kekkei Genkai, if I can think of anything better than "future glimpses", though I sort of like that), but no one seems to wonder to hard about it, either. As an update, she now has the Satetsu Kekkei Genkai, like that of the 3rd Kazekage, and I hammered out a bit of the details for her assorted puppets.

  • Kokoro (Heart) – one of her “Iron Maiden” puppets, and the one that forms the left side of her armor. It takes the form of a beautiful lady, wearing what looks like robes, though it still looks artificial, sort of like a marble sculpture come to life.

  • Kihaku (Soul) – one of her “Iron Maiden” puppets, and the one that forms the right side of her armor. It shares a very similar appearance to Kokoro.
  • Emikuro – her evil, dark clown puppet, and a veritable pile of concealed weapons. Emikuro can breathe fire, squirt acids, poisons, and focused water jets, electrocute enemies on contact, possesses several humorous spring-loaded contraptions that turn out to be not so funny, and houses numerous melee weapons. When in combination with Himeru’s shadow manipulation, it can even toss such a weapon at the enemy, and, once that enemy is captured by the shadow, use another to kill itself, forcing the victim to do the same, which, while not harming the puppet, can prove fatal to the victim.
This is Himeru before her Iron Sand inheritance, with four puppets in her repertoire (Salamander, and the above 3).

Tasu Tereyu: Himeru's and Enkotsu's teammate, he is, if it can be believed, their primary assault member. While Himeru attacks up close, but from far away (with her puppets), and Enkotsu uses field-disruption from maximum distance, Tasu is required to get up close and personal with his team's enemies, using weapons and taijutsu to defeat them. Himeru has also learned that he is effective when manipulated with her chakra threads, and can increase his evasiveness, as well as the available angles of his attacks, in addition to manipulating her own puppets. Tasu is of average build and appearance. He is very shy, and often seems weak. His teammates often remind him that he is the man of their group, and make him do the physical work, but they do their best not to pick on him, or let anyone else do so. He will automatically agree to help someone who asks, so he sometimes needs supervision. He idolizes his friends and teammates, and though it is not known to anyone else, he very much likes Himeru, but he believes she is far out of his reach. This is proven false when, at the risk of his own life, and being severely wounded, he saves Himeru, letting slip that won't let anyone harm her. Though he seems weak, Tasu is actually rather strong; his need to cover offensives while both his teammates remain at a distance provoked him to learn how to use large weapons, the better to decimate enemies in a single hit, and deflect some incoming attacks. Also, training with his teammates has forced him to become sturdy, and to absorb pain, so he can take a decent pounding.

No idea when a card of Tasu might be posted.

Retsu Shimekiri: Retsu (though she prefers to be referred to simply as "Reiki", is the leader of Team Shimekiri. She is a talented shinobi, and a cold beauty, literally. It is only rarely that she smiles and it does not mean something terrible. She also has a knack for sarcasm. Reiki possesses the Hyoton kekkei genkai, and so can use numerous ice techniques, as well as many Water talents, and a fair assortment of Wind jutsus. She takes her teaching very seriously, and can be overprotective of her charges. She has had experience as an Anbu ninja, and so is not to be trifled with.
A card of her is to be found later in this thread.

The Bad
The Leader: his name is yet to be revealed. He desires Suru's Sharingan (yes, again Suru is the last one on Earth, and someone always wants it). His own actions have been mostly cloak and dagger, allowing his servants to work, and fail, in his stead.

He gets no card yet, as he's barely been seen.

Kouin Kurama: a beautiful, seductive genjutsu-specialist, she possesses the Kurama Clan kekkei genkai, allowing her to create "real" genjutsus, even ones that can create physical clones, or kill. She is also a jonin, talented in other things, so she is not to be viewed as a fragile artist; she can fight for real, and get her hands dirty, even if it is a real clone of her doing it. Her only limit is she needs to understand something, to make it, so she can't make a clone of Suru, with Sharingan eyes, for her leader; she doesn't know how Sharingan works. She likes to toy with Suru and Myouhime, saying enticing things to him, and goading Myouhime with promises of seducing him first.

The card is her anytime. Not too likely to make too many more, with that level of specifics in pic. Its the price I pay for stealing images from the Web.

Gaurack, the Glutton: this literal monster was once a man, with a rare kekkei genkai; if he ingested something related to his victim, he gained their abilities, for a limited time. Over time, he learned that, if he consumed more of them, he gained more, to the point that if he ate all of someone, the gain was permanent, and he gained their memories, too. Since then, he has consumed a vast array of victims, and acquired several abilities, including a sense of smell that can detect kekkei genkai, shikotsumyaku, which lets him do bizarre things with his bones, a prodigious knowledge of Wind and Fire jutsus, and a huge, bloated body that is highly resistant to harm. He also has the Akamichi power of calories-to-chakra, making him always hungry (more so than even usual for him), and allowing him to warp his form in several ways. He also wants the Sharingan, and several other kekkei genkai the heroes have would not hurt, either. His lair is in a dead volcano (some say he drank it dry), surrounded by a phenomenon that devastates advanced chakra circulatory systems, meaning only mundane people can move through it safely. Inside the volcano is safe, but the area around is not, and it is filled with vicious animals, driven mad by the area. Only Gaurack's slaves can move safely, and Gaurack himself, if he flies high above it.

I wouldn't want to card this hideous beast. He's broken as hell, and so would his card.

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