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 Forum Rules (Please Read)

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Sand Demon Gaara

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PostSubject: Forum Rules (Please Read)   Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:58 pm

1. Company advertising, or the sale/trade of private goods and services, is not permitted.

2. Spam is forbidden.

3. Discussions related in any way to pirate TV cards (sale, creation, coding, distribution, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

4. This site is for a mixed audience, behave in a manner that is fitting for children to view—conduct yourself with the utmost decorum and with respect toward others at all times. Personal attacks are not permitted.

5. Encouragement to commit any crime against the laws of the Untied States is forbidden.

6. Specifically: links to, or post related to the encouragement of child pornography are not tolerated and will result in immediate banning.

7. Exchange of personal information publicly--such as an address (email or street), telephone number, or any other means to identify your location or contact you personally is prohibited.

8. Keep it civil: Any flame wars or arguments will not be tolerated, and such postings will be immediately deleted by administration and if continued problems persist, users will be banned. This includes ratial slurs or biased and or bigoted statements against a persons race, gender sexual preference or creed.

9. These rules are not to keep you from talking, making friends, or voicing your opinion. They are here to keep order in the forums. We do encourage people to sign up and we hope to get plenty of members. In exchange to giving you this forum to talk to others all we ask in return is to keep it clean. Do that and we should all get along.


Founder of (Make your own cards. Preferably Images.) website.
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Forum Rules (Please Read)
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