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 Decks Here!

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Shadow Shikamaru

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PostSubject: Decks Here!   Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:35 pm

Post your Naruto decks here. Mines a new prince deck I made. Don't feel like getting camera.

Ninjas 30

0 Drop
x1 Naruto Uzumaki [Guard of the Prince]
x1 Sakura Haruno [Guard of the Prince]
x1 Naruto Uzumaki [For The Promise]
x2 Sakura Haruno [For The Promise]
x1 Kunihisa [Celebrity Ninjutsu]
x1 Shino Aburame [Hidden Attachment to the Victory]
x1 Konohamaru [Path to Hokage]
x1 Choji Akimichi [Source of the Power]

1 Drop
x3 Cham [Ferocious Fangs]
x1 Rock Lee [Guard of the Prince]
x1 Rock Lee [Releasing the Gates]
x3 Shikamaru Nara us[Formation]
x1 Shino Aburame [True Ace in the Hole]

2 Drop
x1 Neji Hyuga [Insight to see Through Everything]
x1 Neji Hyuga AW Vanilla
x1 Neji Hyuga [Attack on Chakra Points]
x1 Iruka Umino AW Vanilla
x1 Iruka Umino [Accurate Analysis]
x1 Pakkun [Ninja Dog's Sense of Smell]

3 Drop
x2 Anko Mitarashi [At the Risk of Own Life]
x1 Naruto Uzumaki [Like Whirlwind]

5 Drop
x1 Kakashi Hatake [Guard of the Prince]

6 Drop
x1 Jiraiya [Instruction of the Hidden Technique]
x1 The Fourth Hokage [Hero of the Village]

Jutsus 10
Moonlight Rasengan
Rasengan x2 AW
Inherited Iron Arm
Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
Sakura Blizzard Jutsu
Double Dynamic Entry
Bring Down The House Jutsu
Primary Lotus [Curse of the Sand]

Missions 8
Remarkable Growth
Cure For The Petrification x2
Binding Destiny
Tide of the Deadly Combat
An Outcast's Dream
Request for Taking Office
Legacy of the Hero

Clients 2
Michiru Tsuki
Hikaru Tsuki
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Decks Here!
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