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 Shadow Shikamaru's Cards

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Special Jonin

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Shikamaru's Cards   Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:54 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Shikamaru's Cards   Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:25 pm

Shadow Shikamaru wrote:
mendokuse wrote:
Dude awesome sage cards. How do you find color pictures of the newest chapters so fast?

deviantart Very Happy

I might start coloring them myself, if I get the chance.

Logging ideas

Kiba Inuzuka
t3 hc0
4/2 2/0
Leaf | Chunin | Male | Growth
Valid: When this Ninja is in the same Team as "Akamaru", it gets +1/+1.
* (U)

t2 hc0
4/3 2/3
Leaf | Ninja Dog
Valid: When this Ninja is in the same team as "Kiba Inuzuka", it cannot be affected by your opponent's Jutsu cards
* (U)

Hinata Hyuga
t3 hc0
3/3 2/3
Leaf | Chunin | Female | Byakugan | Growth | Mental Power: 2
[Persistence to Follow a Nindo]
Valid: When this Ninja would be discarded due to Battle Damage, you may flip a Ninja blade coin. If the result is heads, put this Ninja in play in Healthy status and place a Growth coin on it. If it is tails, discard 2 Chakra.

Naruto Uzumaki
t3 hc0
4/0 7/0
Leaf | Genin | Male | Clone Status | Growth
No effect

Make Kiba stronger stats wise, make akamaru weaker stats wise or bump his turn cost. Vanilla naruto already exist or will next set so I'd do sumthing else, and Hinata has potential though losing 2 chakra seems rather painful.
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Shadow Shikamaru's Cards
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