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 Custom Keywords for Dragonball CCG

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PostSubject: Custom Keywords for Dragonball CCG   Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:16 am

So I was thinking about it for awhile and I decided that we all could make some pretty good Keywords for DBCCG if we put our minds together.

So, let's try not to make them too overpowered though, and if people like them enough, they can use them on cards they make! I'll start.

New Keyword: Berserk X
([Valid] When this Warrior is sent out to Attack, discard the top X cards of your Planet)

This is something you can tag onto a super strong Warrior to balance them out in a way. I could see Brolly for example having this effect as a balancer to a really high Combat or such in both injured or healthy status. It is supposed to represent the Warriors who flare their auras and destroy the area (your Planet) around them as a result.
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Custom Keywords for Dragonball CCG
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